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Cowi recognised at civic trust awards 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Copenhagen's Inner Harbour Bridge (Inderhavnsbroen) is recognised with a Commendation at the Civic Trust Awards 2018.


The aim of the Civic Trust Awards is to encourage the very best in architecture, to improve the built environment for us all through design, sustainability, inclusiveness and accessibility, but also to reward projects that offer a positive social, cultural, environmental or economic benefit to their local communities. COWI is delighted that the judging panel, made up of experts from across the industry, recognised this project at the 59th Civic Trust Awards ceremony held at Old Trafford on Friday 9 March.

We're delighted that our innovative design has helped create such a positive socio-economic impact for the city
Amar Bahra Project Manager for the design and supervision project 

Unique Bridge

The world's first sliding bridge of its kind, the Inner Harbour Bridge opened to the public in the summer of 2016. The unique bridge has two elegantly curved steel box girders that slide apart and then back again to gently kiss at the centre, earning it the nickname "Kyssebroen" (Kissing Bridge).

A charm of the design is that the approach spans stay open to pedestrians as the bridge opens to allow taller vessels to pass by. People can stand on any one of four horizontal viewing platforms, even as the bridge is operating, meaning they can be within arm's reach of passing vessels.

Not only has the bridge become a popular attraction, but according to updates from the mayor of Copenhagen, more than ten thousand cyclists and over twenty thousand pedestrians use the bridge daily, dramatically reducing commuting times and improving key transit routes in the Danish capital.

"We are honoured to receive this Commendation for Inner Harbour Bridge, having worked so hard over the years to deliver this unique and special crossing to the heart of Copenhagen" said Amar Bahra, Project Manager for the design and supervision project. "This bridge has become a popular landmark for the Danish capital – people come here to rest and meet their friends, they cross by the thousands daily, and we're delighted that our innovative design has helped create such a positive socio-economic impact for the city. I'm pleased that experts across the industry agree and have recognised this great project with a Civic Trust Award."  



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